The cats are back!  Mischievous Scratchy has stolen the treasure and scattered it in the Graveyard.  Guide Spooky through the maze of crypts and graves to reclaim every coin and gem.  Dodge angry demons, shambling zombies, and restless skeletons.  Hitch a ride on friendly bats to avoid reflecting pools and tar pits.  Find all the treasure before time runs out!

Spooky's Graveyard Adventure is a clone of the David Crane's Atari classic, Pitfall!  It uses procedurally generated levels to re-create the gameplay of the classic while adding an additional challenge by not duplicating the original maze.  Levels follow the original formula, but there can be more than 32 treasures!


  • Cute pixel graphics!
  • Save and load your favorite maze!
  • New maze each game!


Movement: Arrow Keys

Jump: Space

Restart Maze (during game): F1

Save Maze Seed (during game): F5

Load Maze Seed (during game): F6


Level graphics: pZuh

Character graphics based on Jason Em's Classic Hero: Disthron, Umz, Grafxkid, Jezla

Font: Jayvee Enaguas

Swing and Falling SFX by Dan Knoflicek (CCby3)

All other sounds: TinyWorlds, locontrario23, philsapphire, MentalSanityOff

Music: NoosKewl Games and Ed Tijo 

(c) Copyright 2017 by Jeffrey Howard


Spooky's Graveyard Adventure_v1.exe 4 MB

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